Cham-bettes Christmas Tour of Homes 2018: Decorative urns

It looked like Santa’s workshop at Southampton Boathouse as, once again, Chantry Island Cham-bettes have been busy creating decorative Christmas urns.

     (L-back)Vicki Colontino and Jo-Anne Willets, (L-front) Donna Thomas and                                                           Vi Campbell 

Each urn, in three sizes, has been handcrafted individually.  Fragrant greenery and Christmas decorations fill the urns.  From gold to silver, red to blue, there is an urn for every decorating taste.

   Designer Heather Joynt (L) and Vicki Colontino carefully select colour                                                                  choices

The urns will be sold at St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Southampton on Saturday, November 17th, during the annual Cham-bettes Christmas Tour of homes.  There will however, be a preview sale on Wednesday evening, November 14th, at the Southampton Boathouse with only 70 urns available.