Chantry Centre presents – a Bread Making workshop with Niv: space is limited, book now

Ever on the cutting edge of activities, the Chantry Centre 55+ in Southampton is about to host a ‘Bread Making Workshop’.
                       Niv Menon-Saberi

Niv Menon-Saberi, only one of 10 Canadians chosen to appear on The Great Canadian Baking Show on CBC, will be teaching participants how to make Focaccia bread.

Focaccia, rooted in ancient Rome, is a golden canvas of olive oil, vegetables, and herbs. Evolving through the Middle Ages and Renaissance, this cherished Italian bread        embodies centuries of culinary artistry.

Although a simple and rewarding process, Niv will take the mystery out of this ancient form of bread-making and each participant will take home two mouth-watering individual servings of Focaccia topped with herbs and baked to golden perfection – perfect to eat as a sandwich, with soup or even by itself!


The one-hour workshop will be fun and creative and a chance to meet a community-minded individual who is eager to share her love of baking, and to learn about her journey from nuclear engineering into the world of baking.

Bread Making Workshop
February 7, 2024
10 am
$15.00 per person
Space is limited call 519-797-3096 or email today