Chesley Bridge re-opening with a new name

The Oswald Bridge (formerly Chesley Main Street Bridge) is located on 1st Avenue (Bruce Road 30) in Chesley and will be officially opened and renamed at a ceremony to be held on site at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 14, 2019.

The Oswald Bridge was closed on February 21, 2018 as a result of structural damage sustained during a flooding event and subsequently removed in May. Construction of the new, single span concrete bridge was completed
in December.

“The opening of the new Oswald Bridge demonstrates the resilience of Bruce County to come together in response to an emergency structural failure of the old bridge,” said Miguel Pelletier, Bruce County’s Director
of Transportation & Environmental Services. “The construction of the new bridge went exceptionally well and Bruce County would like to extend sincere thanks to the Municipality of Arran-Elderslie and the residents and
business owners in Chesley for their patience and support.”

The construction of the new bridge required residents and travelers through Chesley to take an alternate route and disrupted business in the downtown.

Ron Oswald

In December, the Transportation and Environmental Services Department received a request to consider renaming the bridge “Oswald Bridge” to recognize the tradition of community service of the Oswald family.
Several generations of the Oswald family farmed in the Chesley area and served on Municipal Council. Most recently, Ron Oswald served as Councilor and Mayor of the municipality and Councilor as well as Warden of Bruce County.

It is in appreciation of the Oswald family and their dedication to the community that the bridge is renamed Oswald Bridge.