Chris Stephen unveils his 100% biodegradable signs at NDP campaign launch

At a BBQ on a bright and sunny Saturday, September 14th, Chris Stephen kicked off the NDP’s campaign in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound.

In remarks prepared for the event, Chris gives us a taste of how he and the NDP will tackle the three toughest issues of our time: inequality, climate change and reconciliation with First Nations …

            Chris and Amy Stephens

“When I look around, and go into stores and restaurants, I see people that could be retired. It’s evident to me that previous governments have failed them. We need to make life more affordable. That means pharmacare for all, increasing the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour and then to a living    wage by the end of our mandate. The NDP will protect people’s pensions when companies go bankrupt. We’ll make it easier for workers to join unions to protect their wages and their rights.

“We need to stop trying to rely on fossil fuels and deal with the climate emergency before us. We must ensure all Canadians have clean water, breathable air and unpolluted land. And we must enact measures to ensure we stay below an increase of 1.5 degrees C.

First Nations have a lot to teach us about preserving land. Their reserves have a higher degree of biodiversity than even our parks. We must welcome them as equal partners in this fight against the climate crisis.

Last, but not least, I want to acknowledge the team that has come together for this election. And today I’m happy to say they were able to come up with lawn signs that are completely biodegradable.

What’s important to me is making a long-lasting impact for the people of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, in Ottawa – not in our landfills!”