‘Circle the Woodland’ protest draws hundreds of Southampton residents

Hundreds of people in Southampton joined in solidarity for a “Circle the Woodland” protest on Saturday, May 18th against a proposed amendment to the Saugeen Shores Official Plan that would permit possible development on land that has been designated Environmental Hazard and is under Environmental Protection.

                                                                           Bay Street
                                                                          Huron Street

                                                                                Albert Street

                                                Protest Organizer Brian Putman

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The property of some 29 acres is deemed the last significant woodland and wetland within Southampton and there is considerable documentation of wildlife within the subject lands. On Saturday, people surrounded the entire property in a show of objection to the proposed development.

Residents have been out in large numbers recently, attending both a town planning meeting and a public open house meeting arranged by the planning consultant on behalf of the developer.



“This isn’t just about today,” said one resident who did not want her name used. “this is about the future for our children and their children.¬† The whole world is worried about climate change and here we are about to change this little corner of the world drastically.¬† This is wrong in so many ways.¬† Other places are now trying to reclaim wetlands that were destroyed through urbanization while we are set to destroy the last one in Southampton.¬† It makes absolutely no sense.¬† Perhaps those on Council should look in their mirrors and ask themselves, is it worth it?¬† What will they tell their own children and grandchildren when asked why they allowed it.”

The town council may be making a decision on the property at the next planning meeting on Tuesday, May 21st, in the Town Chambers at the Plex in Port Elgin.  According to many residents at the protest, they will also be attending that meeting.