Clearing windrows difficult for many says reader

To the Editor:

The snow that’s piled at the end of your driveway by the snow plow is called a windrow, but no matter what it’s called, I don’t have to tell you how hard it is to move for anyone, regardless of age and, since this is a retirement based community, it becomes an impossibility for most.
I think it is time for Transportation Services to assume the responsibility and clear the windrows where mechanically possible for all residential single family homes in this area across all road classifications .
“Mechanically possible means clearing equipment must safely and effectively navigate the relevant road ways.”
The windrows not only cause an impossibility for most home owners, both physically and often financially but, if the windrows are left, emergency vehicles are effected.
Before making the standard financial commitment, bear in mind and consider the recent court ruling that home owners are not liable if someone is injured due to the ice and snow causing them to slip.
This ruling may have convinced some municipalities like Vaughan in their decision.
Dave Dedrick.