Coffee with a Cop program rolls out

On March 13, 2019 the Saugeen Shores Police launched the “Coffee With a Cop” program.

Periodically officers will be at various coffee shops around Saugeen Shores engaging the public in conversations about policing and community interest matters.

                    Chief Bellai (C), Inspector Kevin Zettel (L) and retired Constable Doug Lein

The inaugural “Coffee With a Cop” was held March 13th at Rabbit Dash Coffee House in Port Elgin with Chief Bellai and Inspector Zettel.

“This is a great opportunity to take away formalities and interact with the public on a personal level,” says Inspector Zettel. “So it’s simply a sit down and conversation about anything over a cup of coffee.”

The Saugeen Shores Police is not re-inventing the wheel as several other Ontario Police Services have also rolled out this program with pleasing results.

Please follow Police social media accounts for information about the next “Coffee With a Cop”.