Community Matters: July, 2022 – Our journey to Net Zero

John Peevers, Director, Community and Media Relations

You wouldn’t embark on a classic Canadian summer road trip without planning your stops along the way and without following a road map to ensure you reach your destination.

At Bruce Power, we’re committed to helping Ontario and Canada reach their climate change goals, with a destination of Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

We believe these goals are attainable and we’ve laid out our Road Map to Net Zero, which shows how Bruce Power and the Clean Energy Frontier region of Grey, Bruce and Huron Counties can do their part.

Bruce Power and the nuclear industry led the way in phasing out coal in Ontario and there’s no path to Net Zero without the clean and reliable electricity that nuclear provides, especially in light of increasing demand in the coming decades.

Bruce Power’s Road Map to Net Zero includes the following commitments:

· Securing decades of clean electricity. Bruce Power’s Life-Extension Program and MCR Project is a long-term investment into Bruce Power’s nuclear fleet, which will secure the site’s operation until 2064.

· Optimizing nuclear to power Ontario. Under Project 2030, Bruce Power will produce upwards of 7,000 MW for the 2030s. This increase in Bruce Power’s generation peak is equivalent to adding a ninth unit to the Bruce Power site through optimization of existing assets, without the need to build new infrastructure.

· Advancing Green financing. In November 2021, Bruce Power announced the issuance of $500 million in Green Bonds, which is a global first for nuclear power and recognition of the critical role nuclear energy plays in fighting climate change and enabling a Net Zero future.

· Sustainability today for tomorrow. Bruce Power has made the ambitious commitment to achieve Net Zero emissions from site operations by 2027, making it the first nuclear operator in North America to announce such a commitment. While the company reliably produces large volumes of emissions-free electricity, this next step ensures it minimizes and offsets emissions from routine undertakings such as vehicles, machinery, buildings, and equipment.

· Investing in local decarbonization. Through Bruce Power Net Zero Inc., the company will look to invest in local clean and complementary technologies, including storage, carbon off-sets, renewables, hydrogen, and electrified transportation. In addition to GHG reductions, these projects will maximize socio-economic and environmental benefits for the communities in which Bruce Power operates.

Bruce Power already supplies 30 per cent of Ontario’s electricity, carbon-free, and we are working hard to ensure our Road Map to Net Zero helps to advance climate change goals in our communities, the province and across the country.