Council applauded for past work and encouraged for the future

To the Editor:
I was hoping that you could include this letter in your on-line newspaper.
I realize that you have published many articles that focus on asking  the town to reconsider their move to allow the proposed waterfront development
and yes, this is yet another one of those letters.  However, I thought I would write a softer letter and actually applaud the council for some of its past work while still encouraging the council to look for other less invasive changes to the waterfront.

At one point, I believe that the plan for the improvements for the Port Elgin waterfront was referred to as the “Waterfront Re-Vitalization Project” or something along those lines.

And many improvements were made: The boardwalk was built and I have seen wedding pictures taken there; a fishing dock especially designed for children was built by a local funding raising group; the volleyball area was set up and teams organized; more gazeboes were built; the washrooms were improved, and the bike lane was created along Lake Huron.

These improvements were a great addition to the beach because not only are they free for the public to use but they also encourage families to be more physically active. I think the council was headed in the right direction with these improvements.

And just hot off the press, it was announced that the improvements to the break wall are soon to be finished and are under budget. Well done council. I know that you do not receive a lot of positive feedback for all your hard work.

However, I think lately that the council have taken a wrong turn. Somehow, the waterfront Re-vitalization Project became the “Waterfront Development Project” and, now the “Cedar Village Proposal “ presented by developers, is being seriously considered by the town council.

I do believe that it is never too late to reconsider your decision. I encourage the council to simply keep doing more of what you were doing already.

For example, perhaps the local high school wood working class could be called upon to build more gazebos since they have already had great success in building both the new amphitheatre at Fairy Lake and the Tourist kiosk on the Rail Trail near River St.

I am sure the pubic could up with a few more creative ideas –use us-we elected you and we have good ideas.

It is important to remember that bigger is not always better.

Mary Lynn Barron
Visitor to Saugeen Shores since 1962
Full time community member since 2000