Council deliberations then (1907) and now (2023)


First meeting of 1907 Town Council

The new council was duly installed into office on Monday last at 11 a.m. and in the evening the first regular meeting was held.

Rev. W. F. Brownlee opened the first session with prayer in a most pleasing and fitting manner, and Mayor Belcher, after congratulating the old members on their return and the new ones on the honour conferred on them by the people, then proceeded to announce some of the things which he thought should be dealt with by the council in the year that is before them.

It will no doubt be of interest to the ratepayers and we will enumerate some of them briefly here—Revise waterworks by-law, reduce price and install meters; continue the cement walk on High Street to the Power House; build walk down by summer hotel to lake; extend lake shore walk to accommodate new cottages when built; improvements in some walks in “Little Stratford”; appointment of overseer on granolithic walk building; improvement of a couple of leading roads into the town; acquire property on the lake shore for enlargement of park there; do something to get more excursions here in the summer; establish a horticultural society; get the grist mill running; look after C. P. R. extension here and also lake shipping facilities; get any industry we can on good terms; forward the power development of the river; install town weight scales; and a few other things.

The council then got down to the business before them, and minutes of last two special meetings were read and adopted.

The report of the Court of Revision was confirmed as read.

Communications were read and accounts were recommended to be paid by the finance committee, which on motion was carried.

Messrs. Dan MacAulay and Hiram Smith were appointed Auditors at a salary of $10 each.

A petition from the ladies of St. Paul’s Church was received asking for a rebate on price charged them for use of town hall. Their request was granted on the basis that all churches in the town will be treated in the same manner.

After a few other small items of business were disposed of the council adjourned at 10:30 p.m.


Transcribed by: G. William Streeter February 1, 2023