Coyote sightings prompt warnings for residents along shoreline

There have been several sightings of coyotes along the Lake Huron shoreline.

Recent sightings in Tiverton have been numerous and residents are not sure if the animals are coyotes or coywolves, a hybrid between coyotes and wolves.

In a report by our Tiverton correspondent, Karen Ballok, she says that a warning has gone out to residents.

The animals have been seen not just singly but a few at a time. Their tracks have also been spotted around homes so everyone must be aware that they are out there and hungry.

Keep your pets in sight at all times and don’t leave things out like garbage or dog/cat food that will attract them. There is some debate as whether they are coyotes or coywolves.  Coywolves are a hyrbrid of wolves and coyotes and they are becoming more prominent in Southern Ontario and were originally spotted around 1919 in Algonquin Park. Coywolves are bigger, have longer legs, bigger paws, larger jaws and brains and a more wolf like tail and wolf like traits like pack hunting and are more aggressive than original coyotes. This obviously makes them more dangerous.

While seeing them may be unnerving, there have only been two reports of fatal coyote attacks on humans, in North America in the past 500 years. Regardless of whether they are coywolves or coyotes, keep your distance and keep your pets and children safe.”

In Saugeen Shores, there were also recent sightings of coyotes within Southampton and there have been reports of coyotes seen throughout the community, particularly at dusk and in the evening.

Keep pets in door, particularly as night begins to fall.