CPSO should be responsible to fill loss of doctor says reader

To the Editor:

What a wonderful turn out by the community for a wonderful doctor of 40 years.  Dr Gordie and Ann Mackay and their staff at the Lakeshore Recreation Centre did a fantastic job. The article captured his professional life to a ‘T’ .

He did care for his patients and went that extra mile for them. I know that if he hadn’t ordered a CT scan when he did, I may not be here today writing this. I will be forever grateful for his care for me and my family.

It makes me smile, when I think of how he could clear an emergency room of patients waiting for hours, in no time at all. We will miss him and wish him all the best in his new endeavours.

Dr. Don always put his patients first, which makes me wonder where the CPSO (College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario) puts them. It seems that they may not understand the unique situation that small towns are put in when a doctor retires, without a replacement, leaving 1,700 people orphaned. All of a sudden, the onus, is now on the town to find a replacement. I think that it should be on the CPSO to find a replacement since they were the ones that caused this void. It is hard to comprehend why they could not have Our Doctor stay on until a replacement was found. After all he was successfully managing his practice for the last 40 years without any problems. What difference would another couple of months have made?

I also think that our town officials and Recruitment Committee should also put it to them (CPSO) to fill the void. It just doesn’t seem fair that our town is now left holding the bag. Do you?

Connie Vercillo