Cross-Canada Saugeen Shores Trekkers now past Regina!

Twenty restless Saugeen Shores residents continue to make their way, under their own steam, across Canada … virtually, that is.

The competitors started out last year (2020) and are currently on their way from Regina to Edmonton, as they walk, run, cycle, ski, paddle, roller blade and swim from capital city to capital city.

The Cross-Canada Fitness Race began in January 2019 in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Each participant pays $20 to enter each race to the next capital city, and a draw winner at the end of each race donates all the cash to a local charity of their choice.

After Race #7, from Sault Ste Marie to Thunder Bay (won by Dave Bertrand), the draw winner, Nicole Hunter, donated her $400 to the Southampton Hospital Angel Fund.

At the end of Race #9 (won by Geordie Farrell again!!), from Winnipeg to Regina, the draw winner, Frank Vanderswet, supplemented his winnings with an extra $100, to make a $500 donation to our Grey-Bruce Canadian Mental Health Association.

After Race #10 finishes in Edmonton, the last leg to Victoria, B.C. will begin on January 1st. Some are also completing a supplementary Arctic expedition through the three territories, in between races.

When members finally dip their virtual feet into the Pacific Ocean, some time before July 1st, 2022, they will have collectively travelled around the world several times, and directed thousands of dollars to local charities.