Crossing Hwy. 21 at Rail Trail is a danger

To the Editor:

Unless you’ve experienced crossing H’way 21 at the Rail Trail in heavy traffic, you cannot appreciate the danger.  The trail is used by young and old.  A fit person can dash across, but if you have children or you come to a stop with bikes, it is very dangerous, no matter what your fitness level is


Now, we know how this will be studied.  Somebody from some remote engineering company or a University student will come out with a clip board in March and count cars and Rail  Trail users.  They should come  in July and run back and forth across the highway.  We’ll hold the clipboard

I know the Saugeen Times has brought this issue up a number of times, but to no avail.  We have been told to petition MTO.  It seems that we, as individuals, are not as effective as our Parks and Trails Committee or our Town acting on our behalf.  The Southampton Residents Association and the Port Elgin Beacher’s Association considers this an important issue too.

We saw a sign on the highway today that must have come from some MTO public relations guru.  It said “Building Stronger Communities”.  It was positioned where the highway was all torn up.  We think that they could take a look at this super dangerous crossing and forget the PR.

Thanks so much for your article on the very dangerous crossing where The Rail Trail intersects Highway 21.  I would like to add my voice to yours in requesting that the province or Saugeen Shores do something about this very dangerous situation.  It is extremely difficult for cyclists and pedestrians to get across this intersection.  Between the speeding traffic on this section of the highway, and the cars entering the highway from Hi-Berry farms, it is very difficult to get across.

It seems to me that a good solution to this problem might be a traffic light on a sensor at Hi-Berry Farms.   This would allow the traffic turning left from the parking lot there to turn onto the highway safely, and if they added a pedestrian activated walk light there, the cyclists and pedestrians could be directed south to the light to make their crossing. I understand that Hi-Berry Farms is not in business in the winter months, but I’m sure The Rail Trail is used year round, and this would enable its users to cross in safety throughout the year, without unduly restricting the flow of traffic on this stretch of Highway 21.
I would certainly appreciate it, as someone who vacations every year in the area, if you could bring this suggestion to the attention of the appropriate public officials, whoever they might be.
Thank you.
Catherine Ashdown