Crushing a goal, reaps rewards for Jump Rope for Heart

On Tuesday, June 11th at Northport Public School in Port Elgin, it was a screaming-in-delight assembly in celebration of ‘Jump Rope for Heart’.

School students recently took part in the ‘Jump Rope for Heart‘ fundraiser and “crushed their goal”.  The goal?  $5,000.  The end result? MORE than $8,000. The reward?  Some prizes and a chance for students to throw a cream pie in the face of a teacher!

As the celebration assembly began, a ‘skip-off’ was held, first for the juniors and then the seniors.

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Then it was time for the teachers to pay their debt and take their dues as the student body cheered on the pie throwers, who won the honour by being the top fundraisers.

                                     Students watch Nathan Dunn’s pie-throwing technique …
  … who was proud of a ‘job well done’!
                                                                         Teachers were ‘good sports’

The top fundraising class of Mrs. Burns, that raised $760, also won a movie and ice cream sundae party.  What raised even louder screams of delight however, was the promise of an extra recess for the whole school the next day.