Customer service ranks high in a world of disposable consumer goods

In this ‘disposable’ society and world where we tend to throw away or dispose of items when they stop working for whatever reason and, in the consumer time of big-box retailers, it can be unusual to find a company who stands behind their products and repairs them.

On a personal level, I recently had a problem with my front-loading washing machine. I know … it’s a first world problem but how do you go without a washing machine and in these times of escalating costs, who can afford a new one?

The machine was 10 years old purchased at Square Deal Neil’s in Southampton, but had a perfect track record until the day it refused to drain the water.  My solution? Call Square Deal Neil’s.

I expected to make a service appointment for a ‘far-in-the-future’ date but, instead, realizing the importance of an operating washing machine, a technician showed up the same day.  ‘Mike’ the tech was extremely friendly, professional and quickly determined the problem.  In no time, the issue was resolved and repaired.

Why deal locally?  This, to me, was a perfect example.  It’s all about customer service and repair and, when it’s a family-owned and operated business, it’s brings it even closer to home.