D-Day – 80th anniversary to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice

Today, June 6th, is D-day.  It was a day when young men landed on the beaches of Normandy in World War II and, for many, it would be their last day.

The young men didn’t know into what they were heading and crossing the stormy English channel they had no idea of their goal or what would happen. For many, they drowned before even reached the beach at Normandy.

What was it that instilled those young men, many under age, to enlist to go to another country and fight for a world they never new?

There are few of them left now but we have to remember and honour what those young men did for not their own country but for their generations that would follow.

Today, 80 years later, there are so few left of those once young men. Today, those who remain still remember those days when they went into battle, unaware of what their sacrifice would mean for world democracy.

We will Remember Them