Donations of 3D printers adds layer

Students at Ecole Port Elgin Saugeen Central School (EPESCS) are adding layers of technology to their learning with a recent donation of two 3D Printers for staff to integrate with curriculum topics to enhance student learning.

“Students at EPESCS are eager to begin printing and already have several project ideas,” says Grade 4 teacher, Sarah Szabo. “A sincere thank you goes to Ronnie Miller of Port Elgin for making this amazing opportunity possible.”

Miller is a Bruce Power Nuclear Operator and a Member of the Port Elgin Flying Club.

When the COVID-19 lockdown first began, Miller purchased six 3D printers to begin production on ‘ear savers’ that prevent bruising behind the ears due to prolonged mask wearing.

He worked constantly and tirelessly for approximately seven months producing over 20,000 for local hospitals, teachers, students, and other front-line workers and was able to send batches across Ontario. Batches of ‘ear avers’ were also sent to British Columbia, Alberta, and as far away as Florida, making his project an international effort.

Miller’s ambitions came from a place of caring and wanting to help others during a difficult time. He said. he was “doing his part to help out in a very tangible way by making masks more comfortable to wear”.

For his efforts, he was the recipient of a Community Volunteer Award from the Power Worker’s Union (PWU).  His dedication to the community is greatly appreciated.

Once Miller completed his personal mission of donating ‘ear savers and door hooks, he wanted to continue to give and, thinking forward, he decided to give the printers to children and teenagers by donating them to Saugeen District Senior School (SDSS), Ecole Port Elgin Saugeen Central School (EPESCS), and Launch Pad YATC in Hanover.

The donation of the 3D Printers will help prepare students for the ever-changing world of tomorrow’s technology.