Driver charged under Impairment by Drugs


A 45 year old Arran-Elderslie man has been charged with operation of a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs, and drug trafficking charges.

On the Sunday 18th of November 2018 the Saugeen Shores Police Service were advised of
a driving complaint on County Road #3 in Saugeen Shores. Saugeen Shores Police located the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop to further investigate.

The driver was found to be impaired by drugs, and was arrested. Search incident to arrest
located a quantity of prescription drugs and cocaine. The male was transported to the police
station and turned over to a Drug Recognition Evaluator for testing. Tests confirmed that the
driver was impaired by drugs.

The driver received a 90 day administrative driver’s licence suspension, and his vehicle was
seized and impounded for 7-days. He was held for a bail hearing at Walkerton Court on
Monday morning charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle, possession of cocaine
for the purpose of trafficking, possession of opioid drugs for the purpose of trafficking, and fail
to comply with an undertaking.