Ecumenical Waterfront Service rounds out Marine Heritage Festival 2023

The tent was filled to overflowing as congregations from three churches joined together in an Ecumenical waterfront church service as part of the Marine Heritage Festival Weekend 2023.

Rev. Carrie Irwin of St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Rev. Heather Davies of Southampton United Church and Pastor David Baker of SouthPort Pentecostal Church hosted the event that saw members of each congregation take part in the service.

Music was led by Josie Dingler and Brenda Manderson and a blended choir made up of various singers from the three churches.

Josie Dingler on piano – for larger view, Click on Image

“This was an incredible experience,” said Pastor Baker.  “I hope that we can do more joint endeavours like this and the recent lake baptism that Reverends Irwin and Ann Veyvara-Divinski and I participated in.”