Every day is earth day for this Southampton couple

A Neighbour’s Appreciation
by Norman Wilkie

Earth day is every day for this Southampton couple as they fill their days with collecting refuse left by others.

Marybeth Huehn and Rene Lavoie, forced off the tennis court and out of the gym, have taken their daily walk to a new level. Most days they search out litter wherever they see it, collect it in the big yellow pail and then deposit it in the garbage.

They have been seen in the vacant lot beside Rexall drug store on Hwy. 21 and also on the boulevard between the Rail Trail and Hwy. 21 near South Street, as well as many other streets in Southampton.

Sometimes their pail is so full that they have to dump it to make a pile and then the come back later in the day to collect.

Neighbours throughout the area want the couple to know that their efforts are very appreciated.