Fairy Lake – a year-round gem?

Don’t be surprised if you see lights twinkling around Fairy Lake this winter.

If G. C. Huston Public School has its way, Fairy Lake will become a winter wonderland with a ‘light festival’.

“Fairy Lake is the gem of the community,” says G. C. Huston teacher Enid Johnston, “and we think it can become a real winter highlight for the area.”  Johnston and school students made a presentation to Town Council asking for its support in the winter initiative.

“The students, parents and many businesses support the idea and we may have to ask the town to help with the grooming of the trail around Fairy Lake so that it can be used during the winter.”  Volunteer parent Brenda Elliott says that the students have also reached out to homeowners and say that they are also supportive of the idea.

Johnston said that the group wants to see this year try a test following the Santa Claus parade in Southampton.  “We will have hot chocolate. music and, of course, lights at the Rotary Fairy Lake pavilion following the parade and we hope everyone will come out and enjoy it.”