Family celebrates Christmas in July

When it comes to Christmas, there is no doubt that local radio personality John Divinski, marches to a different drummer and celebrates the holiday not once but twice a year.

There was no snow on July 13th, but there were Christmas lights, a tree, Christmas music and presents as he and wife, Ann, celebrated with the family and friends.

“This is one of the few times when almost the entire family can get together,” says John Divinski.  “So, since we can’t see everyone in December, we thought we would hold a family Christmas in July.”

John (Santa) Divinski and Ann Veyvara-Divinski with family – (L) Taeryn & Kellan Hughes, Kristin Divinski,             Marni Connor, Meggan and father Bill Divinski (brother to John) – John & Ann presented the family with                                                                                    Southampton shirts

                                                           Ann Veyvara-Divinski (C)