Federal Government announces investment in Port Elgin Breakwater


     Saugeen Times file photo

The Port Elgin breakwater will be rebuilt beginning this fall thanks to an investment from the Government of Canada. The Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans included the breakwater project in an $8.3 million funding announcement this morning in Bayfield, ON.

“This is great news for our harbour and community,” said Mayor Luke Charbonneau. “This project is still in its preliminary design phase, but we are grateful Saugeen Shores will be included in the federal government’s investment into harbour infrastructure.”

The existing federally owned Port Elgin breakwater has been closed to the public since fall 2017 due to safety concerns. While the announcement does not include funding for a public walkway on the breakwater, the structure will be designed with the capability of adding this feature.

“As the project progresses, the municipality will work with the federal government on options for a public walkway,” added Mayor Charbonneau. “This is an important opportunity that supports our Strategic Plan’s priority of building waterfront capital investment.”