Festival of Treasures proves to be a win-win-win for everyone

The 9th annual Festival of Treasures hosted by St. Paul’s Anglican Church was successful beyond expectations and, as a result, there was a windfall of funds presented to three organizations.

Each of the Salvation Army Food Bank, Living Hope Food Basket and Chapman House Hospice received a donation of $3,000.

Church Members: (L)Charlie Stark, Cheryl Nichol, Karen Speight, Doug Goar, Maureen Simpson, Marg Stark.                  Front Row (L) Amy McConachie (Chapman House Hospice), Rev. Carrie Irwin and Nikki Thompson (Salvation Army Food Bank)

“Last year, we raised $5,700 and thought then that it could never be repeated and it wasn’t.  Instead, this year, we raised $9,000!  It is because of the generosity of our community, both in giving donations and coming out in support to purchase, that we are able to help others,” said Doug Goar, Church Warden (Elder).

It was a win-win-win … for those wanting to donate their treasures to others, those who acquired treasures and those who benefited from funds raised.

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Goar also pointed out that items remaining at the end of the sale were donated to several organizations such as Habitat for Humanity Re-Store, Value Village, Owen Sound Salvation Army Thrift Store and Diabetes collections.

“Again, thanks to the community, we have been able to provide funds that have the biggest benefit to the most people,” said Goar.