Fibre optics are not a luxury; they are essential says Mayor

In mid-April, Saugeen Shores Mayor Luke Charbonneau wrote a letter to the President and CEO of Infrastructure Ontario regarding broadband service to be provided to Saugeen Township.
“This is a matter of significant importance,” says Mayor Charbonneau. “The wireless technology that is planned to provide broadband service to Saugeen Township represents a lower standard of service than fibre technology.
Neighbouring communities, like Saugeen First Nation, will be served with fibre under the Province’s AHSIP program. The people of Saugeen Township deserve a similar level of service.”
In his letter, the Mayor pointed out that “… opting for fibre optics is crucial for our residents’ future …” and that “…Fibre optics are not a luxury; they are essential.”
To date, no response has been received