Field of Crosses – remembering tomorrows given for our today

November 6th: another moving sunrise ceremony at the @field_of_crosses
I stayed at the field after the ceremony for a guided tour with some special guests, and as we were leaving, I saw a young man walking through the crosses alone with his dog, visibly moved.
When I spoke with him, he told me he served in Canada’s Army, and had just moved to Calgary. He discovered the @field_of_crosses as he was running and was overcome with emotion. He told me that he finds Remembrance Day hard for so many reasons, and often feels sad that many people don’t seem to appreciate the significance of Remembrance Day, a date in the middle of busy holidays and celebrations that somehow doesn’t seem to get the attention it deserves.
And yet here, in downtown Calgary, he realized that Calgarians have come together to honour and remember, and he was at a loss for words at how much this meant to him.
As we were talking, sunshine poured down across the rows and rows of crosses, Canadian flags billowing in the wind, with the red poppies stark in contrast with the white crosses.
It was beautiful, solemn, and impactful – and he was so grateful, and so moved, to know that this memorial project exists.
I am often asked what this project means to me – and this conversation this morning is an example of my why. So that those who have served, those who have loved those who have served and for the families and friends forever grieving the loss of their loved one, all to know that we honour and remember their service and their sacrifice, and that we understand that our beautiful country and freedom are because they gave their tomorrows for our today.
We will remember them.
Sarah Wuntke (neé Champion) Capt. (retired)