Firefighters serve up annual fish fry

Saugeen Shores firefighters once again held their annual Fish Fry dinner as part of the 8th annual Marine Heritage Festival weekend on July 28th (2018).

The weekend held in Pioneer Park at Southampton’s Harbour at the mouth of the Saugeen River at Lake Huron, attracted hundreds of visitors and local residents.

The weekend has become a popular event filled with activities for the entire family.

                                                                  Line-up started ,more than an hour before opening

    If it’s one thing firefighters know what to do, it’s                                       handling deep fryers!


    Firefighters always great                  volunteers !
Mayor Mike Smith and wife, Donna, (L) always attend the event
   Fire Chief Phil Eagleson         was seen doing …. not             sure what!
   Former Councilor and firefighter        Thede Seaman continues to                           volunteer