Flamingo flocks continue to turn up around Saugeen Shores

The flamingo flock doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon as it continues to make its way around Saugeen Shores.

Recently, Joan Hamilton in Southampton woke up on her (90+) birthday to find a flock of flamingos on her front lawn in Southampton.

Now, it appears that a flock has landed on the lawn of Ingar Gottscheu who, at the young age of 97, can now lay claim to be the oldest ‘flocked’ resident in Saugeen Shores.

A flock was also spotted on the front lawn of Climate Clinic in Southampton on Hwy. 21.

                      You never know where a flock might turn up

Being Flocked by Flamingos is a FUNdraiser for three athletes of the Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club (SSLC), who will represent Saugeen Shores at the upcoming World’s Lifesaving competitions in Italy.  Because there is no government funding provided, they have been raising funds with their feathered flamingo friends flocking together.


The athletes are due to leave this month, September 18th, and the flocking continues almost to the day of departure.

If you wish to make a donation, e-transfer or flock a friend or fellow business, contact us at aurjieith@gmail.com, or donate only remit to the Town of Saugeen Shores specifying ‘SSLC athletes to Italy’.