‘Flock a friend’ for local athletes off to the Worlds Lifesaving competitions

On September 18th (2022), three athletes from Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club (SSLC) will be travelling to Riccione, Italy to compete in the Worlds Lifesaving Championship.

These are dedicated athletes who have trained countless hours in the pool, lake and in the gym for this competition. This competition includes pool and surf (ocean) events. It is a two-week competition with the first week focusing on training and the second week competing against other athletes from countries around the world. 

Aurora Jacobi, 17 years old, Jie-Lynn Barrett, 17 and Eithan Alpaugh, 16 are the three members travelling to the event. There is a significant financial commitment for each of these athletes for which they are completely responsible. The cost is approximately $4,500 each. 

To help cover their expenses Aurora, Jie-Lynn and Eithan will be running a “You’ve been Flocked” fundraiser and you might be flocked!

If you are flocked, you will see a flock of flamingos roosting on your lawn. Then for a small donation, you may choose to ‘Flock’ a neighbour, friend or victim. These flamingos will then migrate and roost on their lawn for a day. 

Don’t Despair…the flocking is done in good spirits and not meant to be mean.

Of course, the removal of these flamingo’s will be done at no charge and also will be removed if you don’t want them roosting on your lawn. Please don’t hurt our fake feathered friends. We hope to see them journey around town.

If you wish to make a donation, e-transfer or have someone flocked you may contact us at  aurjieith@gmail.com

Thank you for your sense of humour and your support.