Former South Bruce Peninsula mayor issues apology following his resignation

Yesterday, August 30th, former Mayor of the Town of South Bruce Peninsula and Bruce County Councilor, Garry Michi, issued a statement pertaining to his recent resignation.

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“I deeply regret the words I used during a personal conversation and the subsequent impact they have had. I want to acknowledge the harm caused by my ignorant, insensitive and poorly chosen words and I want to sincerely apologize for the for the damage this has caused to the relationship between myself, the town and the First Nations Community.

My intention when becoming the Mayor of this town was to enhance our relationship with the First Nations people, but my words were completely of out of line with the objective and I take full responsibility for my words; there is no excuse for my behavior and I am committed to learning from this experience.

I recognize that my own privilege clouded my judgement, leading me to speak without proper understanding.  i make no attempt to justify this.  I hope that with time and effort, I can rebuild the trust and respect that our friends and neighbors deserve.

I extend my apologies for my inappropriate conduct while mayor of TSBP and as a citizen, I pledge to educate myself and strive for better conduct in the future.

I am grateful to the community for holding me accountable for my words; such language should never be tolerated. I will personally reach out to Chief Greg Nadjiwan to offer my sincere apologies.

This situation has opened my eyes to a broader perspective, one that I am determined to grow from.  I am open to conversation with the aim of regaining your respect and I will encourage sensitivity training and educational programs for all to gain a better understanding of our neighboring Indigenous communities.”