G. C. Huston Public School comes in first again

Once again, G. C. Huston Public School in Southampton has proven that it is the ‘little school’ that could when it again came in first place in the fundraising effort for Rotary Winterama 2019.

Students from local elementary schools collect pledges for the Rotary event and receive in return a portion of the money raised along with prizes.  The schools receive 30% back toward the Breakfast Club, 40% for school equipment and the remaining 30% goes to Rotary for local projects.  The total raised by the local elementary schools for 2019 was $11,443.

   Rotarian Ron Moss presented the winning cheque to                               teacher Enid Johnston

G. C. Huston in first place this year raised $6,546 and in return received 70% back ($4,582) plus a first place prize of $500 for a total of $5,082.

   Teacher Enid Johnston and Principal Hugh Morrison cuddle up to BEARAMA

In addition, the top fundraiser overall was G. C. Huston student Alexis Rennick who raised $1,178 and was presented with a $100 prize.  Rennick has consistently been in first place as the Winterama top fundraiser.

Last year, G. C. Huston was also the winning school in the Winterama name-the-mascot with their creative … ‘BEARAMA’.


Tied for second place were brother and sister Serenity and Adrian Saunders at $382 each who received prizes and third place was Max Reichert who raised $334 and received a pair of $150 sunglasses from Carey Optical.

   Adrian and Serenity Saunders                   with their prizes
  Max Reichert was happy to come                in third place








There were also three winners from each of Grades 1, 2 and 3 who received certificates for their expertise in the colouring contest.

(L) Cali Johnson, Ella Momberquette,, Jaxon Manley, Casey White, Alison Thede, Erica Shular, Ruby Richardson,                                     Declynn Meneeley, Keira Ritchie were joined by mascot BEARAMA

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