Glen Huron house gone

The contentious issue of number six Huron Street, known as Glen Huron house, in Southampton has come to an end.

The home, once on the Heritage list and then removed, was demolished on Monday, October 15th.

The house that once belonged to one of Southampton’s most colourful citizens, Captain Donald (Dan) McLeod (a.k.a. Slashahead), a fisherman who became a pioneering entrepreneur in the fishing business and who became an influential town councilor who served his community for 17 years, was also a celebrated Scottish dancer, considered among the best in Canada.

The property was sold twice, most recently, to Catherine Tolton, whose family has been part of Southampton for 97 years.  Tolton says she spent all her summers and vacations in the community and had always planned to retire in it. “I tried to make this work,” she said, “but it wasn’t possible given the obstacles.  The house had no foundation and the timbers it rested on were simply rotted.  There was a plan to move it but the timeline simply did not work out.  Inside, there was actually little of historical value.”

Tolton and John Willetts retrieved several items from the exterior prior to demolition including windows, door and other items.

Tolton’s plan is to build a single story retirement home on the property.  “I know that people were impassioned about this house but I also think it’s the people caring for each other in a community that really matters.  This is home to me.”