Gobles Grove residents concerned over contentious pipeline installation

Many Gobles Grove residents are very concerned about the contentious and newly installed pipeline to which they objected.

According to many, it does not infiltrate as promised as seen recently after a short rain downpour. 


       What was once a parkette

There are also concerns over children’s dangerous access to the resulting pool and the possibility of insect reproduction.

The end of the pipe infiltration gem is the rock plunge pool which is supposed to act as a bowl letting water infiltrate down through the sand and not over the beach to the lake.  Unfortunately however, the bowl does not appear to work. After only one recent rain, the water has collected and sits there.  According to engineering reports, the pipe will accommodate some 1,900 litres PER SECOND.  However, residents have claimed that, if the pool is filled instantly, where is the water to go other than free-flowing and/or gouging its way into the lake. 
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“We are worried that, in the future, the pipe is to accommodate water from the Smart Center (WalMart), Maple Ridge Leeder Farms subdivision storage ponds and a proposed subdivision for some 5,000 new residents,” says a concerned resident.  Others say that it appears the water is not infiltrating as proposed and is creating a “dangerous and unhealthy situation”.