Gran Fondo Lake Huron 2020 update

Physicians, nurses, technicians and support staff within hospitals and healthcare facilities are working hard in this time of uncertainty to prepare and put precautions into place to keep you and your loved ones at reduced risk should you have to visit their facility.
As you continue to stay up to date on the latest news, information, protocols and precautions please remember to take time for self-care and caring for others. Look for the positives over the coming weeks; staying home or limiting your outings can mean spending more time with family, getting to those projects around the house you’ve been meaning to finish. Pull out that book you have been saving for a rainy day or have a laugh over some old photo albums.
Most importantly, remain active! Enjoy the outdoors, go for a hike or get on your bike and get some fresh air. Over the next few weeks we have no doubt you will continue to look out for and help one another.
While it is still too early to know how/if our event will be impacted, we will continue to monitor the situation and are expecting to be able to provide an update on the status of the Gran Fondo Lake Huron by no later than July 3rd.
All participants should raise a minimum of $100 for the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation.
Every single fundraising dollar from this event goes towards the purchase of medical equipment! All costs to put on the ride are covered through sponsorship and registration fees. Please help us continue to achieve our goal!
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