Green Ribbon Panel work is unique and innovative says Chair

Letter to the Editor:

The Economic Club of Canada recently released the 2020 Green Ribbon Panel report highlighting the need for strong, innovative policies in the urgent fight to combat climate change while advancing growth opportunities for an economy challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The panel was launched in February and consists of leaders from a range of sectors and organizations who came together to advance proven solutions and practical steps to reduce emissions and grow the economy.

The report outlines ten actionable recommendations that can be advanced towards meeting Canada’s GHG-reduction goals through smart integration and leveraging of a clean electricity system, the role of innovation, alignment and targeted policy focused on results and outcomes in achieving these goals.

I want to thank the contributions from all of the Panel including Christopher Hilkene  (Pollution Probe), Steve McCauley (Pollution Probe), Rocco Rossi (Ontario Chamber of Commerce), Ashley Challinor (Ontario Chamber of Commerce), Vanessa Foran (Asthma Canada), Dennis Darby (Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters), Mark Fisher (Council of the Great Lakes Region), Cara Clairman (Plug’n Drive), Bruce Wallace (Nuclear Innovation Institute), Robert Stasko (Hydrogen Business Council), Jeff Parnell (Power Workers’ Union), John Sprackett (Power Workers’ Union), Scott Travers (The Society of United Professionals) and Mitch Twolan (Warden, Bruce County) for their contributions to this important work.

What’s unique about the Panel’s work is the diversity of input and the practicality of the recommendations. Over the next three months, the Panel will complete our work sharing the findings of this report with interested stakeholders and policy makers and encourage timely implementation of the recommendations moving forward.


James Scongack
Chair, 2020 Green Ribbon Panel