Grey-Bruce COVID-19 testing and case counts reported as of May 18, 2020

Testing and case counts reported as of 15:30 hrs, May 18, 2020:

There have been no new cases reported in the past 24 hours in Grey Bruce with the total remaining at 92 cases to date (current cumulative total).

The Initial positive case from Parkview Manor (Arran Elderslie)has been declared as a false positive.

  • 0 cases currently hospitalized
  • 0 deaths  78 recovered cases
  • 24 cases reported in Health Care Workers working in Grey Bruce
  • facilities in COVID-19 outbreak Reported in Long-Term Care/Retirement Homes
  • 1 facility outbreak declaration pending positive/false positive result.

Actions Taken In the Past 24 Hours:

Positive result received in a staff member at the Georgian Heights long term care. The GBHU ID Team managed to retest the individual twice, and coordinated with the Grey Bruce Health Services Lab to test the samples within 3 hours confirming that the case was false positive. While waiting for the results, the GBHU ID Team and the facility staff initiated all outbreak protocols and measure.

Parkview Manor Outbreak declared over – false positive test confirmation. Positive result in a staff member at Grey Gables Long Term Care Home as a result of universal testing. A retest of the initial positive result is now negative. A second and third test of the positive case are now underway to rule in/out the initial positive result. All outbreak protocols, case management and contact tracing activities are in place. All family and staff have been notified.  Grey Gables universal testing results to date: 94/95 Staff tested are negative, 1/95 Staff are positive; 67/68 residents negative – 1 test being redone as it was reported invalid.