Grey Bruce Labour Council and Kincardine Pride spearhead a solidarity event

To the Editor:             

Kincardine Pride and the Grey Bruce Labour, Council collaborating with the Society of United Professionals, will be delivering a joint statement addressing the ever quickly increasing elevation of “hate” towards marginalized, racialized and 2SLGBTQ+ people almost everywhere, and firmly in our catchment area.

The release of the statement will be held at the Offices of the Society of United Professionals located at  281 Goderich Street in Port Elgin on June 23rd at 4:30PM.

We know that Pride saves lives. Pride tells people in our communities that they can be who they want to be and love who they wish to love. A joint statement is like a vow in that we now have two entities coming together in the sight of friends, colleagues and sisters and brothers to tell our “at risk” community members that they are not alone and that they are accepted and loved.

The solidarity event will include all those allies, friends, unions, and progressives that have signed on to support the joint statement and for those coming forward as they hear of the joint statement. We will, in a firm and steady voice, say no to hate and yes to love. Based on early discussions it is anticipated that the leaders of organized labour from across Ontario and perhaps the nation will be in attendance.

If one message is made clear to those who choose hate and not love from this event and its embedded messages, it is that they will not be permitted to spew their venom and vitriol without being seen. With each note of hate, the work to embrace one and all so no one is left behind will accelerate and be the legacy of love Labour, Pride and all our allies’. The legacy for those who hate will one day be but a footnote in the history books. Always remember no country, people or person was ever made great by hate.

Kevin Smith, President
Grey Bruce Labour Council