Grey Bruce Labour shines a light on the new Markdale Hospital

The news of new healthcare facilities opening in our region is very much welcome. The work of so many for so long has come to an end and has met with success. No small effort for any community, let alone a community that is lesser known in the context of urban Ontario.

“Warranted as it is, the celebration of this opening cannot be experienced in isolation,” says Chris Stephen, Labour Council VP for Grey County. Stephen noted that he “… was glad that Markdale is not in the greenbelt as the hospital may have been converted into the Ford government’s version of affordable housing and rooms may have been sold as million dollar condos.”

“We live in a period of time and history where success and celebration in a town like Markdale cannot, must not, be viewed in isolation,” says Labour Council President Kevin Smith. Smith points to months and months of emergency room closures across the entire Grey and Bruce region. Further, Smith added that, “The abysmal managing of healthcare at the hands of the Ford government where billions of dollars remain unspent and recent reports telling a horrifying story of negligence in the long term care sector during the dark months of COVID.”

Dave Trumble, Labour Council VP for Bruce County added that, “Too often the day-to-day operation of the Ford government mimics a situation where an abusive partner promises to change. For a little while, through various means there is hope. Only to have this hope blown up with more egregious abuse to follow. The hospital is not the failed change as it is too much a part of the work of the community, but make no mistake, Ford and his trained seals will find a way to explain this opening as something that would only happen because of them”.

“We cannot permit the Ford government to usurp credit and to be allowed to look good for even a minute when we know that the Ford government has little interestGrey  in anything but their wealthy friends and corporate funders” notes Labour Council Secretary, Amy Stephen.

The Grey Bruce Labour Council urges people to be proud of the work of the community, but to make it clear now and on the 14th of September at the new hospital open house that there is no excuse for the Ford government lies or mismanagement of Ontario.