Here we go again – what is wrong with some people?

Here we go again!  More vandalism damage.  What is wrong with some people?

Helliwell soccer fields, a major centre for youngsters’ soccer in Southampton, has been desecrated by some unintelligent person who thinks it’s fun to destroy property.

On Friday night (Oct. 18th), again under the cloak of darkness that hides these cowardly vandals, the fields were severely damaged by what appears to be a four-wheel-drive truck doing what is commonly known as ‘dougnuts’.  REALLY!?  What on earth brings someone to do this kind of thing?

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From one end of the field to the other, the damage has been done.  Why would anyone do this to a facility that is used by young kids?

Saugeen Shores Police are asking for anyone who heard or saw anything unusual in the Grenville St. Helliwell Soccer Field on Friday evening to contact them with any information at 519-832-9200 or 519-832-2525.