Huron-Bruce Federal Liberal Candidate launches campaign office in Kincardine

Huron Bruce Federal Liberal candidate Allan Thompson has already started campaigning and door-knocking but on Wednesday, September 4th, he officially opened his Bruce County campaign headquarters in Kincardine (343 Durham Market St. North).


This is Thompson’s second bid to become the Huron-Bruce MP in Ottawa.  In his first bid, he made serious in-roads in what has been a Conservative enclave and many felt that, if it weren’t for ‘first past the post’ rule, he would have become Huron-Bruce’s first Liberal representative since Paul Steckle.

Thompson answered several questions from the crowd, including why he thought all parties marched in the Kincardine Pride Parade except for the Conservative party.  

“I really don’t know,” said Thompson, “because this was a real watershed for rural Ontario.  Local resident, Fort Papalia, was the driving force behind it and this was the first community in all of southwest Ontario to hold a Pride event. 

Allan Thompson replies to a question about Pride events

It was a national first and the Prime Minister reached out and saluted Fort on social media.  This year was the third parade in a row and I was honoured to participate.  Again, I don’t know why the local Conservative MP did not attend but the National party leader, Andrew Sheer, will also not attend Pride events.”