Huron-Bruce Federal Liberals launch seniors club

Seniors need to make sure their voices are heard and that governments take their concerns into consideration, Anne Robertson of the Seniors Liberal Commission told the audience at the launch of the Huron-Bruce Federal Liberal Association seniors club. 

(L) Anne Robertson, Allan Thompson and Luz                                       Maria Wilson


“You need to make sure your voice is heard,” Robertson said. “We’re the biggest growing segment of the population, we’re healthier and we’re living longer.  While we’re living longer, we also want to live better.”

  Organizer Luz Maria                   Wilson

The purpose of the seniors club is to advocate and support Liberal values, philosophies, principles and policies; to promote a better and more equitable society by developing an awareness of political issues; to promote and increase active participation and communication between seniors in the LPC within the federal constituency of Huron-Bruce; to develop and suggest ways to reform/improve federal government programs for the elderly; and to socialize with like-minded individuals in the pursuit of a better society. 

The local Liberal seniors club has been organized by Luz Maria Wilson, of Southampton, who is a member of the executive of the Huron-Bruce Federal Liberal Association.  Allan Thompson, who was the Huron-Bruce Federal Liberal Candidate in the last Federal election and who has again decided to run in the 2019 Election, took the time to also attend the launch held at Elgin Lodge in Port Elgin on Tuesday, October 23rd.

   Anne Robertson answered audience                                      questions

Robertson said in her presentation that while baby boomers, as a generation, are pretty assertive about getting what they want, many older seniors aren’t as vocal. She encouraged seniors to become more politically active and to make sure their concerns are heard by political parties. 

Robertson said the Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has heard seniors and demonstrated this by creating a special cabinet portfolio for seniors issues in the last cabinet shuffle, appointing the Hon. Filomena Tassi to the post of Minister of Seniors. 

“Having a Minister for seniors brings that focus on what we want,” Robertson said. 

But she said that seniors, especially those who live in rural communities, need to make their voices heard. 

Robertson also said that seniors have many important concerns, not least the need for better housing for those who want to safeguard their independence but perhaps move into a smaller unit with some supports. For others, the key is getting access to the home care that would allow them to remain in their homes much longer. 

When she opened the session to discussion from the floor, a number of people registered their concerns, among them:

  • The long wait times in hospital emergency rooms;
  • The lack of civility in our legislatures, a decline that is becoming very serious and sets a bad example, especially for young people;
  • Social isolation experienced by many seniors every day. The dignity of most seniors is to live in their own space with their own resources;
  • The shortage of housing that allows for more cohabitation;
  • Encouraging more interaction between young people and seniors.
For further information please contact: Luz Maria Wilson 
Tel. 519-483-7583.