Huron Shore Run 2023 – a remarkable success say organizers

We are excited to share the outstanding success of the Rotary Huron Shore Run, a truly remarkable event that captivated our community on June 3, 2023.Our organizing committee was thrilled to see 800 enthusiastic participants join us. The atmosphere was electric, filled with determination, resilience, and an overwhelming sense of unity.We are delighted to say that we were able to make a significant difference to many organizations in our community, thanks to the incredible support from our sponsors, donors, and community members. Proceeds from the event will be distributed as follows:

  • Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation: $50,000
  • Rotary Club of Port Elgin: $2,500
  • Rotary Club of Saugeen Shores: $2,500
  • Rotary Club of Southampton: $2,500
  • Saugeen Track and Field Club: $2,000
  • Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club: $4,000

Our sponsors and volunteers also deserve a special mention for their generous support and hard work.

For more on the Run, visit Saugeen Times Huron Shore Run