Ignoring self-isolation an on-going problem for retailers

According to many store owners in Saugeen Shores alone, local arrivals back from the U.S. and out-of-country in general just don’t seem to get the urgency of the situation.

They have been shopping immediately upon return without any self-isolation and, what is even worse, have been berating staff who are trying their best to keep services such as grocery shopping on-going while maintaining the recommendations set out by Public Health.

Returning residents may not feel any symptoms but that does not mean that they may not be ‘carriers’ of the virus and should take every measure to ensure on-going prevention of the spread of the virus.

Social distancing is the one key to preventing the spread and doctors are urging the government to mandate it.

Some local businesses have turned away customers who have traveled abroad and not followed the self-isolation on return.  One owner said that they turned away several customers today (March 20th).  “We have to protect our staff and these people should know better than to shop immediately on their return.  The rules are everywhere and it is our understanding that they are receiving regulations when crossing the border or landing at the airport so it’s not like they don’t know.”

According to major stores, on-line shopping, delivery and/or pick-ups are available so that there is no excuse for not shopping from home.