In Memoriam: Bill Moulton – March 23, 2020

I lost a friend today … a true and loyal friend … someone who was always optimistic, persistent and had an independent spirit … always there for you with a call or a visit … an update on the latest sporting event or political situation … an opinion was always expressed with knowledge and commitment … whether you agreed or not the final outcome was always completed with a smile … Bill was a true gentleman.

Bill cuts his favourite cake on his 85th birthday … (carrot with sour cream icing) as Dave Wenn watches

My first recollections of meeting Bill was 10 to 12 years ago at a Propeller Club meeting on a Wednesday afternoon at the Walker House in Southampton.  I was a newcomer who had been invited to attend by a friend.  I got involved in a conversation about the Chantry Island restoration that had taken place in the late 1990s.  I suddenly realized that I was talking to someone who had been part of the cutting, milling and transporting of the very beams that now support the keeper’s cottage.  That person was Bill Moulton who quietly and humbly talked about working with Bob Trelford and Mike Sterling in the preparation. and installation of those timbers.

After that, my admiration and our friendship grew and flourished over the years.  Bill’s contribution to the Propeller Club and Chantry Island for over 20 years culminated in the participation of helping to weave and create the Storm Signal Baskets now displayed in Pioneer Park.

Bill was also committed to the annual Propeller Club fundraising BBQ held each year at Martin’s Home Hardware in Southampton.  I remember his many trips to the store to retrieve all the meat and supplies to make the event a success … always with a smile.

Our friendship continued to grow and I observed that Bill was always there for his “buddies” … Paul Kelly, Bob Trelford, Archie Gillies or Doug Johnson … he was always there to help them to the end.

He was a friend to the end … I will truly miss him …

Dave Wenn