Incumbent Vice-deputy mayor files nomination papers

Current Saugeen Shores Vice Deputy Mayor, Mike Myatt is eager to complete what has been started and he also has his eyes set on some key new initiatives. Myatt has filed his nomination papers for the position of Vice Deputy Mayor for the Town of Saugeen Shores.

“Over the past eight years I have listened to your concerns and while we may not always agree on all issues, I will continue to listen and then make informed decisions”. “We are the envy of many communities with our beaches, and trails, and our new Lamont Sports Park will officially open in the spring of 2023”.

Myatt and his wife Jean live in Saugeen Shores along with their son Jeff and his wife Katie, and grandchildren Peyton and Colby. Their son Andy and his wife Melanie reside in Binbrook Ontario and are parents to Xander and Ellie.

Myatt wishes to pass on to Saugeen Shores residents his thoughts around current and future capital projects.

“I’m so proud of our community how they responded to our Lamont Sports Park Illuminating Dreams fundraising campaign. Our new 1.5 million dollar fundraising target will allow for two additional youth baseball fields, accessible playground, pavilion and batting cages for our youth. “Our residents responded in 2019 when we won the $250,000.00 grand prize in the Kraft Heinz Project Play Project and they have responded again….As Co-Chair of the Lamont Sports Park fundraising campaign…THANK YOU!!!!”

“Council needs to fund a Heritage and Culture Study and it’s important that the Southampton Town Hall receive capital upgrades this Heritage Building deserves” “I will lobby for support for this important initiative if re-elected as your Vice Deputy Mayor”

Myatt who served as the Town’s Director of Community Services for ten years is pleased about the future of recreation. “After 15 years of studies and public consultation, we are finally moving ahead with a new Indoor Pool and other amenities.  A well balanced range of recreational facilities and activities is key to our community health and well-being.”

Myatt has played a pivotal role advocating for more rental units and also advocating for below market rents and is proud of how developers are responding with over 700 new rental units to be constructed late this year or early spring 2023. “I will not rest well until housing needs are being met, particularly for those who are less fortunate,” said Myatt, who Chaired the  Attainable Housing Task Force.  While he is pleased with how recommendations from the task force are being implemented, he openly admits, “There is still lots to be done when it comes to affordable and attainable housing.”

Quality of life is important to the current Vice Deputy Mayor:

  • Our residents deserve a Council that understands and supports “quality of life” in Saugeen Shores and this means listening to the needs of older adults in our community, listening to the needs of our youth, listening to those with housing needs, and listening to participants in various sporting and cultural activities
  • Our residents deserve a Council that is strategic with their thinking and aggressive with their efforts to leverage full benefits from Bruce Power’s multi-billion dollar refurbishment program
  • New assessment will help keep taxation in check and will also contribute towards much needed improvements to our roads, bridges and recreational amenities
  • Above all, our residents deserve a Council that recognizes that Saugeen Shores is the absolute best place to live in all of Ontario, but we must not rest on our laurels; Council needs to continue to ensure that Saugeen Shores remains as a safe and healthy place for all residents

Note to Voters: Saugeen Shores voters will be able to vote by internet and telephone in this year’s election which will take place on October 24th, 2022.