Indian cultural performances a highlight of the annual Teeyan Festival

The Bruce County East Indian community celebrated “Teeyan festival 2023″ on Sunday, August 20th (2023) at Underwood Community Hall.


Teeyan originates from Punjab and is pronounced “tee-aan” meaning Celebration of Happy and Prosperous Married Life.

The festival celebrates the beginning of the monsoon season where newly married women return to their parental homes to receive clothes and other gifts from their parents, and unmarried women gather together to celebrate the beginning of the rainy season.

In India, Women worship the Goddess and sing special Teej songs with their friends and family and Giddha (Punjabi folk dance ) and Indian cultural performances are the highlight of these celebrations.

Held in the month of sawan (rainy season), when the days of summer have grown longer and hotter, the dancing usually takes place on the bank of a river or pond under big shady trees.

Teej is also known for the delectable traditional sweets that are prepared for this day, such as rabri, gujiya and malpua & Kheer apart from the food spread consisting of Kachauri, Daal Baat Choorma, Puri aloo, Basundi, Thekwa among other mouthwatering preparations.

At last, everyone really enjoys the celebration and the women feel very special and pampered.

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