Innovation Institute will mean historical buildings will be difficult to protect says reader

To the Editor:

I fully agree that the Nuclear Innovation Institute would be a great addition to this community. Bruce Power would prefer it to be located in Southampton apparently adjoining the Museum & Cultural Centre. From the institute web site, .  It identifies several focus areas of the institute that will be located in this facility.

Having a technical background, I fail to see where any of these focus areas are enhanced by being attached physically to the Museum & Cultural Centre or vice versa.I find it difficult to visualize where the 50 personnel associated with this facility will park. I also find it hard to believe that a 30,000 sq.ft. area in this facility  will only house 50 people, permanent & visiting scientists. This after all of the focus groups are established and in residence.
I find it a bit of a joke that Bruce Power would perform a two day traffic and parking study taken in the fall. I am sure that there were no bowlers out at that time or families with young children visiting Fairy Lake feeding the ducks, Recently, I cycled past the museum, there were 80 cars parked on both sides of the street in front of the museum. I checked the museum web site, there were no activities shown for that day.  I was later informed that the museum has meeting rooms that are rented out to the public, three of them were in use that day.

The majority of new residential surveys in Southampton are all to the southwest and southeast of the Museum and are planned to expand further in that direction, for most, a car ride away. This report makes no mention of the increasing residential development in Port Elgin, all of which is a car ride away from the Museum. The population of Saugeen Shores is growing.
Proposed location of the Institute. Published statements issued by Bruce/Bruce.
1/ A desire to preserve Southampton’s heritage, principally the existing house on the property.
2/ The existing house will need to be removed.
3/ The opportunity to incorporate features from the house into the new build.
4/ Our goal is to work towards a ” complete street” as defined in the Grey-Bruce Public Health .
Within the past year,  Saugeen Shores Council supported the suggestion, to identify and protect structures in town that could be classified as historical. I do not know if this 125 year old church mansion made the list. Either way when Bruce Power said that the house had to come down, Saugeen Shores Council said, ” Go for it.”  In the selected location, not only the house comes down, but also up to about a dozen trees due to the excavation required. With the approach taken by the town it will be difficult to protect any other historical buildings.
The design of the new Structure looks nice, probably structural steel framing, cladding and glass, appropriate for a commercial development in a suitable location. I suggest the 150 acres at the south end of Port Elgin recently purchased by Saugeen Shores, closer to the location of other related industries already drawn to the area by Bruce Power. 

Allan Murray