It’s unofficial but looks like Saugeen Shores has another world record

Day two of the Spring Fling fundraiser hosted by the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation at Southampton Coliseum on May 28th was all about kids and cookies.

The cookie portion was an attempt to break the Guiness world record for lining up cookies that had to be touching.

Although it is, as yet unofficial, it seems that the world record has been broken.  It was all officially done with witnesses, cookies counted and measured and it appears that the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation has created a new Guiness book world record.

On Sunday, May 28th, at the Southampton Coliseum, on tables that looped through the arena, 4,084 cookies were carefully lined up touching each other. Dale’s Carpentry, a long-established local company, then officially measured the distance of the linked tables to be 961ft. 10 3/4in.

The previous world record in China was 3,328 cookies for a distance of 783 ft. 3in.  While the Chinese record took from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to construct, in Southampton thanks to volunteers, the record was achieved in the record time of approximately two hours.

The measurements, number of cookies, photos, a video and time will now be sent to Guiness World Book to establish that Saugeen Shores is the world record holder for lining up cookies.

When dismantled, the cookies provided by Southampton Foodland owner Martino Catalano through Voortman Cookies, were boxed up and  distributed to the two local Food Banks – Port Elgin and Saugeen First Nation.

Foundation Exec. Dir. Tracy Murray welcomed Councillor Dave Myette who dropped by the cookie event

While the cookie record breaking was the key for Kids’ Day, the Kids’ zone also proved to be a popular spot with face-painting, games, a magician and other activities.

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    Montessori school staff were there to help decorate cookies – (L-R) Cindy, Nekha, Elsa,                                                        Amanda Thorne (Supervisor) and Cleo