Ivings Drive intersection under consideration for more improvements

Although improvements were made to the intersection at Ivings Drive and Goderich Street to include a left-turn lane on to Ivings Drive to alleviate traffic a few years ago, it has also been recommended that traffic flow could be improved even further.The concept to improve safety was to provide an ‘ingress’ and ‘egress’ to the businesses (Subway, Mary Brown’s Chicken, Dental Clinic, Hoofin’It and Cook’s Cupboard) on the east side of Goderich Street.

The properties are separated by a fence and raised curb structure. According to the proposed plan, both restaurants would have access to traffic signals through the neighbouring property (kitchenware store), which needs an easement agreement between the two property owners.

Included in the work that would be required is:

β€’ Roadworks: includes asphalt pavement on Goderich Street (Highway 21), concrete sidewalk and ramps, storm catch basin, curb stops, pavement marking, landscaping etc. There will be a 500 square meter driveway asphalt on the eastside parking lots included in the scope at cost for $28,450.00. The asphalt on the private driveway would be completed on the common access road and on the surface area of current access for the north property on the east side which will be removed as part of this project.

β€’ Electrical: includes highway-type signal head, audible pedestrian signal head and push button, power supply for commercial sign, etc.

β€’ Signal reprogramming.

The approximate cost proposed would be $370,000 and it was recommended that staff approach the landowners to have them contribute to the costs of the improvement that would included signal lights and exit/entrance from the intersection.

Both landowners were approached to explore sharing the costs of this project with the Town and both indicated that they are not willing to contribute to the cost of the project.

According to a report submitted to Council on Monday, November 27th by Ruhul Amin, Manager of Engineering Services, the Town is left with three options:

1. Cancel the project: There is a risk as the public continues to make unsafe left turns from Goderich into the businesses; and, from the business onto Goderich Street southbound from the restaurants on the east side which do not have access to the signal.

2. Delay the project and undertake a process to secure funding from the private landowners to contribute to the cost of the project.

3. Proceed with the project with funding from the Town’s approved capital budget. Options to recoup costs will be investigated but are not

Option 3 was recommended to address safety concerns and also provide the Town with complete control of the project timing.

Unfortunately, due to a power outage, comments by Council were unavailable.

To read the full report, CLICK HERE